• Reap the benefits of event sourcing

    Easily access data at any version or point in time, trace changes, provide feeds and data for analytics.

  • Simplified

    DDES aims to minimize the effort required to develop and operate your Event Sourcing/CQRS based system.

  • Highly available, secure & scalable

    DDES exploits the characteristics of its backing cloud services to provide highly available and secure data storage with horizontal auto scaling.

  • Open Source

    DDES is open source software, released under the MIT license. The source code is available on GitHub.

  • Keep your data safe

    DynamoDB provides automatic continuous backup with per-second granularity point-in-time restores.

  • Perfect for GraphQL

    The distributed nature of DDES and its event streaming support, make it a good fit for graphql servers like Apollo, including GraphQL subscriptions.