Aggregate snapshots

Aggregate snapshots allow you to store the state of aggregate instances manually and/or at given version intervals. This allows for more efficient loading of aggregate instances with a large number of commits.

Defining a SnapshotStore

import {AwsSnapshotStore} from '@ddes/aws-store'

export default new AwsEventStore({
bucketName: `ddes-snapshots`,
keyPrefix: 'snapshots/',
manageBucket: true,

Configure Aggregate class to use snapshots

class MyAggregate extends Aggregate {
// ...

static snapshotStore = mySnapshotStore
static snapshotFrequency = 1000 // snapshot every 1000 versions

// ...

Manually write snapshot

await myinstance.writeSnapshot()

Skipping snapshotting when committing

myinstance.commit(myEvents, {skipSnapshot: true})

Using local S3

Running docker container

# Start local S3
docker run --rm -d --name s3 -p 5000:5000 skalar/fakes3 \
s3rver --hostname --port 5000 --directory /tmp/s3 --silent

# Stop local S3
docker kill s3


import {AwsSnapshotStore} from '@ddes/aws-store'

export default new AwsSnapshotStore({
tableName: `ddes-main`,

dynamodbClientConfiguration: {
endpoint: 'http://localhost:8000',
region: 'us-east-1',
accessKeyId: 'test',
secretAccessKey: 'test',

See API docs for details.